All Our Products Are Derived From End of Life Tires. We'll gladly send you samples upon request.

Alternative Daily Cover (ADC)

Alternative Daily Cover is used in landfills and protects the...

Tire Derived Fuel (TDF)

Tire Derived Fuel is made of scrap tires...

Rubber Mulch 99.99% free of steel

Rubber Mulch is available in an assortment of lively colors...

Crumb Rubber 99.99% free of steel


Crumb Rubber is the name given to any material derived by reducing scrap tires or other rubber into uniform granules without the inherent reinforcing materials such as all steel and fiber are removed along with any other type of inert contaminants.


  • Infill for artificial grass
  • Sports courts surfaces
  • Playground safety tiles
  • Safety surfaces
  • Elastic tiles
  • Rubber floor coverings
  • Asphalt supplement
  • Molded products
  • Parking poles
  • Road walls and speed bumps


  • US (3-10 mesh) 99.99% free of steel
  • International (2-6 mm) 99.99% free of steel
  • All our Crumb Rubber is sorted and packed in consistent sizes up to our customer's request

Rubber Powder 99.99% free of steel


Micronized Rubber Powder (MRP) is classified as fine, dry, powdered elastomeric crumb rubber in which a significant proportion of particles are less than 100 µm and free of foreign particulates (metal, fiber, etc.). MRP particle size distributions typically range from 180 µm to 10 µm. Narrower distributions can be achieved depending on the classification technology.

MRP represents an evolution over previous post-manufactured rubber technologies. The most basic rubber processing technology converts end-of-life tire and post-industrial rubber material into rubber chips that are typically one inch or larger in size. These chips are then used in tire-derived fuel and civil engineering projects. A second-generation processing technology converts end-of-life tire and rubber material into crumb rubber, also known as Ground Tire Rubber (GTR). GTR typically comprises chips between one inch and 30 mesh in size, with the associated fiber and steel mostly removed.


  • Asphalt supplement
  • Compounds for the rubber industry
  • Shoe soles
  • Molded products
  • Rubber hoses
  • Automotive parts
  • Duroplast and Thermoplast
  • Can be used to manufacture new tires


  • 18 mesh 99.99% free of steel
  • 30 mesh 99.99% free of steel
  • 40 mesh 99.99% free of steel
  • 60 mesh 99.99% free of steel
  • 80 mesh 99.99% free of steel
  • All our Micronized Rubber Powder are sorted and packed in consistent sizes up to our customer's request


Steel being one of the most recyclable materials in the world...


The textile fibers obtained from the different size reduction...

Used Tires for Sale


In light of the economy for the past few years and the rising cost of new tires, the demand for quality used tires has greatly increased. Tires to Green Recycling has an enormous selection of quality used tires at an affordable price. We carry passenger vehicles, crossover vehicle, pick-up trucks, SUV, OTR's, trailer and specialty tires.


  • Radial
  • Radial fuel economizer
  • Winter
  • Tire traction
  • Directional
  • Trailer


  • From one piece